Healthy Eating Recovery

From Bulimia

Recover yourself & your life back from bulimia and similar types of disordered eating that have been consuming your mind, controlling your life and keeping you from your desired health and happiness

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Your experience with disordered eating is unique to you. This quiz helps you identify which of the 5 pillars of health (body, mind, emotions, energy, soul) are most greatly contributing to your struggle with food and eating.  This valuable information will uncover where you may most benefit focusing on healing first in order to accelerate your recovery journey from bulimia.  

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This comprehensive 40-page guide includes: 

  • Sarah's personal story recovering from bulimia

  • Information about bulimia, it's symptoms and side effects

  • An overview of the 5 keys of health and recovery 

  • Ten steps to jumpstart your process to healthy eating/living

  • Resources for additional support

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