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Who Can Benefit?

Everyone can benefit, especially if you're ready and willing to try a new approach:

You may benefit from working with me if you...

  • Have tried other approaches but still struggle 

  • Are a highly empathic and emotional being

  • Are overweight or obese

  • Have trouble losing weight

  • Eat to cope with emotions and stress

  • Eat to stuff down your feelings

  • Eat because it's one of your few sources of pleasure

  • Experience a loss of control over eating

  • Binge and purge after eating

  • Feel addicted to food

  • Feel guilty for eating "forbidden" foods

  • Base your worth on how "good" or "bad" you eat

  • Obsess about food, eating and your body

  • Say "I'll be happy when I lose weight"

  • Struggle with anxiety and/or depression

  • Have a history of trauma or abuse

  • Have a loud and nasty inner self-critic

  • Constantly compare yourself to others 

  • Feel stuck and unhappy with where you are in life 

  • Know you're not reaching your full potential

  • Are good at self-sabatoge

  • Don't believe you are deserving or worthy

  • Don't believe you are worthy of love

  • Find you easily get "triggered"

  • Are struggling to manage your emotions

  • Feel overwhelmed by life

  • Don't know how to manage your stress

  • Are a "people pleaser" who puts other's needs first

  • Are empathic and take on other's emotions.