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Recover yourself & your life back from bulimia and similar types of disordered eating that have been consuming your mind, controlling your life and keeping you from your desired health and happiness


Take the QUIZ to uncover the root of your eating issues

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Complete the most comprehensive and holistic self-guided 6 week online program to accelerate your recovery


Get the FREE comprehensive recovery guide to discover the 5 keys of health contributing to your eating issues and the 10 most important steps to take today to jumpstart your healing journey. 

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The secret to profound healing and rapid progress lies in correcting your body's energy imbalances due to trapped and repressed emotions. 


Described as psychological acupuncture, this tapping technique provides rapid relief of emotional, cognitive and behavioral issues. It helps to...

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Release trapped emotions

  • Rebalance your energy

  • Relax the body

  • Reprogram the mind

This energy healing technique  accesses the body's innate wisdom to uncover and release trapped emotional energies that contribute to mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Discover and free...

The Emotion Code

  • Trapped emotions

  • Inherited emotions

  • The Heart Wall 

This ancient Japanese healing art that uses a "hands-on" palms healing technique to channels Chi energy into one's body, activating one's own innate ability to heal. 


  • Distance options available

  • Can facilitate healing of the mental, emotional and physical body

These modalities can help improve symptoms of: anxiety, depression, pain, addiction, eating disorders, PTSD/trauma, stress, low self-worth and poor self esteem. 


Experience the healing power of all three modalities in one 90-minute session!

Super Soul-Healing Session

Emotional Freedom Technique 

The Emotion Code




One Supercharged Healing Session!



—  Alexandra, Mental Health Coach

"Sarah creates forward movement when other more traditional avenues have failed or gone as far as they can. Her work accesses visceral pieces often missed by traditional therapy alone, that need to be cleared in order to find success." 


—  Mandy T.

My life is going in a new direction, thanks to you. You opened my heart and mind. I feel free and able to express myself honestly. I'm able to say "no" without feeling guilty. I am so happy with my new found self. 


— Donna P.

I am blessed to have met you! You have helped me more than any words could ever express. My life has changed for the better, due to your insightful therapy. I have a grip right now on my eating even though I'm still going through a rough time. No binges, very little overeating and no drinking. 



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