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Healthy Eating Recovery

From Bulimia

Recover yourself & your life back from bulimia and similar types of disordered eating that have been consuming your mind, controlling your life and keeping you from your desired health and happiness

Get the FREE comprehensive recovery guide to discover the 5 keys of health contributing to your eating issues and the 10 most important steps to take today to jumpstart your healing journey. 

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I get it...

The feeling of HOPELESSNESS


Anger at yourself

That you can't get a grip on your eating. 

That you can't seem to stop binging and purging.

No matter how many times you say "This is the last time"

There always seems to be another and another time.

I get it...

The FRUSTRATION at your body

That it's not cooperating to be thinner. 

That it seems to go on autopilot around food,

even when you're telling yourself you don't want to do it.

You don't want to keep eating until you're uncomfortably full

You don't want to throw it all up.

And yet there is a part of you that does.

That secretly enjoys it. 

I get it...

The GUILT and SHAME you feel afterwards.

The way your inner voice criticizes you relentlessly

and you hate yourself harder thinking

That it will be enough to make you change this time.

I get it...

The DESPAIR you feel 

Knowing that you got yourself into this situation

and can't seem to get out

And wondering if you every will

Or if this is a struggle you'll endure the rest of your life.

I get it... 

The feelings of LONELINESS

This has been your "dirty little secret"

You've suffered silently and alone behind closed doors

And the weight of the suffering is taking a an emotional, mental and physical toll that you cannot endure much longer.  

I get it...

The HOPE that still remains

Despite all of the "last times" and

Attempts to "start anew tomorrow."

You still pick yourself back up and look for solutions,

Believing that it is possible to feel better.

That there has to be a way to overcome this disordered eating that has been controlling your life

And recover yourself again. 

I know because I've been there. 

And I've committed my life and career to healing myself from bulimia so I can help others suffering with this disordered eating do the same. 

I've uncovered the keys to healing that are missed in traditional recovery programs, that no one told me about in grad school or my professional training. I want to share it all with you.

I'll be rolling out the most holistic and comprehensive

recovery programs and resources that you won't find anywhere else. If you're ready to accelerate your healing process, then sign up for the waitlist below to learn more about each program and be the first to enroll when registration opens

If you don't want to wait, or you're ready to dive deep into your healing and recover yourself and your life back from bulimia starting TODAY, then you may benefit from 1-on-1 healthy eating recovery coaching. Sarah only takes a few coaching clients at a time. If you're interested in learning more and speaking with Sarah to determine if you're a good fit, please complete the form below. 

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