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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping, literally "taps" into the body's innate ability to heal itself by relieving energy imbalances contributing to emotional, mental and physical symptoms. This technique has been called a "modern miracle" because it works rapidly (noticeable in one session), can be applied to anything, and provides long-lasting results without unwanted side effects. 

Learn about the remarkable science of EFT.

Package of 3 = $450 | Package of 6 = $840 | Follow-up single sessions = $160




Experience the supercharged healing power of three energy modalities in one! Sarah combines Emotional Freedom Technique, The Emotion Code and Reiki into one session, uncovering and releasing the repressed emotional energies contributing to your mental, emotional and/or physical symptoms. Learn more about each of these powerful modalities below. Sessions last between 60-90 minutes, depending on the nature of the focus. 

Single session = $200 |  Package of 3 = $560 | Package of 6 = $1,080

Disclaimer: Sarah does not accept insurance and does not do diagnostics or provide procedural codes for insurance billing. Sarah is not accepting new therapy clients.

All private sessions, whether in person or distance-based, are considered energy work, NOT therapy. By scheduling a session, you acknowledge you understand this. 


This energy healing technique  accesses the body's innate wisdom to uncover and release trapped emotional energies that contribute to mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Discover and free...

The Emotion Code

  • Trapped emotions

  • Inherited emotions

  • The Heart Wall 

Described as psychological acupuncture, this tapping technique provides rapid relief of emotional, cognitive and behavioral issues. It helps to...

Emotional Freedom Technique

A.K.A "Tapping"

  • Release trapped emotions

  • Rebalance your energy

  • Relax the body

  • Reprogram the mind

This ancient Japanese healing art that uses a "hands-on" palms healing technique to channels Chi energy into one's body, activating one's own innate ability to heal. 


  • Distance options available

  • Can facilitate healing of the mental, emotional and physical body

"Sarah creates forward movement when other more traditional avenues have failed or gone as far as they can. Her work accesses visceral pieces often missed by traditional therapy alone, that need to be cleared in order to find success." 



What is energy work?

Energy medicine is based on the discovery that the cause of all negative emotions and illness is a disruption in the body's energy system. The human body runs on an intricate energy system fueled by electrical impulses. You only have to remember a static shock or look at an EKG to know this is true. When energy stops flowing in the body you cease to exist. When energy flows freely through the body and cells, you feel good! When energy gets blocked, repressed or accumulates then you may experience a variety of symptoms including: anger, anxiety, stress, grief, sadness, depression, headaches, pain, cravings, etc. Energy work aims to release these energetic blockages so that the body can rebalance and the immune system is able to function more optimally. With energy disruptions removed, the immune system is able to do the healing work you require. Thus, you can think of an energy worker as being to your body what an electrician is to your home. 

What is the recommended frequency of sessions?

This varies by person depending on the presenting issue and the unique life experiences, body, mindset and energy system of that person. While some people do experience relief of symptoms and a noticeable improvement after one session, typically it takes multiple sessions to start to notice the benefits. Energy medicine is similar to pharmaceutical medicine. If your medical doctor gave you antibiotics to clear an infection, you cannot expect to take one pill and have the infection be cured. There is a recommended dosage that you take consistently to experience the benefits. Energy medicine is the same- you can expect to experience the best results with multiple treatments over time. For this reason, I offer packages of 3, 6 or 12 sessions so that you can receive an adequate dosage to experience noticable improvements. 

What will I notice after 1 session?

It varies! Again, how you feel after an energy work session will vary person-to-person, and session-to-session. Some people report feeling lighter, more calm and relaxed, and more energized. Sometimes people report feeling the same. And sometimes, people report feeling processing effects such as fatigue, slight headaches, dizziness and being more emotional. These processing effects are normal and typically last 1-3 days. I like to think of your body like a snow globe. In an energy work session we're shaking things up in the body, and it can take a few day for the body to adjust and the energy to settle. 


Are there negative side effects?

No! This is one of the best parts of energy work; besides a few slight processing effects, there are no negative or harmful side effects. This is one of the most significant differences between energy medicine and western medicine. Most pharmaceutical medications have a laundry list of side effects that can create new symptoms and problems. 

Is there science to support the efficacy of energy work?

Oh yes! As of July 2019, over 100 research studies have been published on energy psychology modalities in peer-reviewed journals. 

There is also ample science on the efficacy of Emotional Freedom Technique, which has been shown to improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction. You can read more about the science at EFT Universe and The Science of Tapping