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How long does each session take?

Sessions typically last 50 minutes.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

No, I charge one set rate. My fee for a single session is $145. A package of 6 sessions is $780 (10% discount) However, I do offer pro-bono services for special circumstances. Contact me to learn more. 

Do you accept insurance?

Not at this time. 

How long is treatment?

The length of treatment can range from a few sessions or weeks to a couple of months or years, depending on the reason you sought therapy, the severity of symptoms and your treatment goals.

What's the difference between therapy and coaching?

Therapists are trained to diagnose and treat mental health symptoms and conditions. In therapy we work on entrenched problems and internal issues affecting your wellbeing and quality of life. Coaching, on the other hand, focuses on the future self and how to achieve your goals and manifest your dreams.

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