The H.E.R. Program

A Modern Approach to Achieve Healthy Eating Recovery from Food & Eating Issues. 

Welcome! This page is where you will find all the materials you will need for The H.E.R. Program. Each week new materials will be uploaded for the upcoming call with everything you'll need to work on for that week. 

Tapping_Basic Formula Audio


Tapping Audio_ Urge to Binge
Tapping Audio_Worthiness (1)


Guided Audio_4-7-8 Breathing
Guided Meditation_Body Gratitude
Breathing Audio_4x4
Guided Meditation_Mindfulness of Urges.m
Tapping Audio_Food Cravings
Tapping Audio_Rebuild Self Trust
Tapping Audio_Advanced Food Cravings
Tapping Audio_Eating Forbidden Foods
Mindful Eating Audio
Tapping Audio__Don't Waste Food/Money
Tapping Audio_Being Good & Avoiding Cons
Tapping Audio_Scarcity of Not Enough.m4
Guided Meditation_ Mindfulness of Thought
Tapping Audio_ Thinking Errors
Daily Self Love Affirmation

WEEK 5: Self & Body Image



Audio_Body Self Love Affirmations
Tapping Visualization_ Reprogram Self Im
Guided Meditation_Mindfulness of Emotion
Tapping Audio_Emotional Wounds
Guided Visualization Body Image
Tapping Audio_ Reparenting Inner Child.m
Tapping Audio_Rules & Authority
Tapping Audio_Society Beauty Rules
Tapping Audio_Safety and Boundaries
Tapping Audio_Healing Those Who Hurt You
Guided Meditation to Balance Chakras
Tapping Audio_Strengthen Personal Power.
Energy Clearing & Shielding Exercise
Tapping Audio_Body Attachment



Guided Meditation_Guidance to Visualize
Tapping Audio_Safe To Release Weight
Tapping Audio_Desire To Eat Not Hungry.m