This free online tapping group, held monthly, is meant to help you tap into a greater sense of peace, calm and relaxation. Experience how good it feels to clear emotional and mental energy blockages, achieving a greater sense of vitality, harmony and well-being.

This is for anyone who wants to learn, practice or experience the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). It's open to anyone, whether you're new to tapping or an experienced tapper. 

Each class is donation-based, with donations going towards a new non-profit or foundation each month. Donations are encouraged but not required to participate. 

Join me...

To participate in a tapping group, please complete this form. You'll be directed to the calendar to secure your spot and receive a video via email that provides an explanation and overview of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and how to perform the basics of tapping so you'll be prepared to dive in!



When are the calls?

Days and times of the calls vary each month. Check the calendly page at for the dates of upcoming calls.

How long are the calls?

Each group tapping call is 1 hour long.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping, is considered an innovative energy-oriented coaching and self-help technique based on the newly emerging field of energy psychology. EFT seeks to address imbalances within a person's energy system, as well as the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the body. The prevailing premise of EFT is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. It is believed that EFT helps clear these disruptions, thereby restoring the flow and balance of the body's electromagnetic and more subtle energies. EFT uses the ancient Chinese meridian system with a gentle tapping procedure which stimulates designated meridian end points on the face and body while saying specific phrases and focusing on issues of emotional intensity in order to release the intensity and reframe the issues.

What level of experience do I need to have with EFT to join the group?

It doesn't matter whether you've never done tapping before or if you're an advanced tapper, everyone is welcome in this group! If you're brand new to tapping, you'll receive an email after registration that includes a video explaining the basics of tapping and how to perform the sequence so you're prepared for the group call.

What can I expect if I attend this experiential group call?

The format of the call will be simple: I'll be instructing everyone through a process to tune into your body, thoughts and emotions and identify something that is bothering you or affecting you in the present that you'd like to release or shift. I'll then pick one or two people to be the tapping "demo" person, while everyone goes through the tapping process. We'll be guaging the shift in intensity of your initial issue and make sure that you leave the call feeling a greater sense of calm and relaxation. Everyone can expect to experience shifts! The tapping processes I use may also include visualizations, imagination, reprogramming, light work and angel work.

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